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Video Project for "Singularity"

I've been looking into how I can use the moving camera and motion blur technique to create a video for a piece of music I composed using a single guitar note and some very cool software called Melodyne.
The track is called "Singularity" find out more on my music blog 
I am using the interval shooting option on the Ricoh GR to shoot 1.3 second exposures with an interval of 1 second. I have to create the shot over and over again and make slow general movements so that it appears like I am moving through a motion blur landscape. As with all time lapse type work it's time consuming although what I'm doing means I cannot just place the camera on a tripod and come back after a while I have to move the camera by hand for every shot and there will be a couple of thousand by the time it's done.
I'm really excited by the early results and will put something on Youtube soon when it's finished.


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Watch the video for "Singularity"

I've finally finished my video fro my track "Singularity". The video features the same motion blur technique I use in my stills photography.

It was produced by taking the same shot many times and also incorporating slow pans into the shot taking process. Most of the sequences were from 60 to 130 shots long. I used my Ricoh GR with a 3 stop nd filter to allow me to use a shutter speed of up to 1.3 seconds. It was difficult to create the same shot many times so that it didn't become too jumpy and there was a lot of fine tuning once the shots were in the computer. Having said that the resulting video has still got a jerky texture to it but that is the sort of look I was after. The shots were then edited in Lightroom to create the look I wanted and then exported as jpgs. I constructed the video using Serif Movieplus 5. I did investigate doing in Photoshop but Movieplus seemed to get me far more quickly to where I wanted to go.

Watch the video on youtube here  http://youtu…

Commended in Sony World Photography Awards 2017

I'm delighted and proud that my image "Fractal Leaves" has been chosen as one of the best 50 images in the motion category in The Sony World Photography Awards 2017 and was selected from 105,692 images from 192 countries.

For more information about the awards see their facebook or website

Bending Trees

I created a image called growing towards the light. See it here using freehand movement of the camera. I wanted to revisit this concept with my new Sony A7mkii which I've now had for several months. This time, however, I wanted to use a tripod and 2 heads to give me more consistent movement. This image below is one of the results of that shoot. I had to adjust the various angles of the set up to give me the picture I wanted and this is one of the ones I really like. More thoughts on the Sony A7mkii another time.
I'd love to hear your comments.