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It's too foggy for photos!

It can be a bit difficult to get excited on a foggy dull day when the colours are washed out and there's little contrast. On the other hand it's a great opportunity to take some atmospheric shots through the veil of misty air. Here are some shots I took yesterday 1st Nov 2015. I love the texture of these pine tree trunks melting away into the fog. The golden ferns against the gloomy woods makes a great contrast. Another wall of trees. Several of them seem to pick up the light and stand out as though they were in the sun but there wasn't any sunshine! It's a great opportunity for some minimal silhouettes   I went out a bit later as well at dusk and took these I think this one captures the moment really well. It's so soft and muted but still has depth to it I pushed this one in Lightroom to bring out the yellow leaves and try to create a contrast against the trees in the background. It's amazing what can be done as this is not what