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Video Project for "Singularity"

I've been looking into how I can use the moving camera and motion blur technique to create a video for a piece of music I composed using a single guitar note and some very cool software called Melodyne. The track is called "Singularity" find out more on my music blog  I am using the interval shooting option on the Ricoh GR to shoot 1.3 second exposures with an interval of 1 second. I have to create the shot over and over again and make slow general movements so that it appears like I am moving through a motion blur landscape. As with all time lapse type work it's time consuming although what I'm doing means I cannot just place the camera on a tripod and come back after a while I have to move the camera by hand for every shot and there will be a couple of thousand by the time it's done. I'm really excited by the early results and will put something on Youtube soon when it's finished.
Great weather for dramatic shots at the moment. This was in the Bourne Woods. A man out walking his dog. Tuesday 21st Jan up on the ridge overlooking Frensham ponds. The fog was so thick you could hardly see anything Both these shots were processed using Nik Software Viveza 2. I'm really liking this plugin for  Lightroom . Lightroom 5 is fantastic but I seem to prefer the results I get when using the Nik Plugins. The control points work so well and I like what structure does more than the clarity slider in Lightroom. Not sure whether they are directly comparable but they do seem to try and bring out detail. As with all these different pieces of software, they have the areas in which they excel  so I guess the secret is to use the best bits of all of them.

London Photowalk

I went on a photowalk along London's Southbank on Saturday 18th. It was organised by Cameralabs Gordon Laing and also Chris Chabot. Great day spent with a really nice crowd of people. Check out some of the shots here  Here's a couple more of mine. I experimented with several moving camera longer exposure shots but didn't manage to get anything I liked apart from one that I uploaded to Google+ here  I'm going to work on developing a system of moving the camera in repeatable and controllable way using my tripod jig that I have this space

Staying Still Isn't An Option

When I was out walking the dog with my camera in the woods, I looked up into the tree branches and thought I must have a picture of that because it was amazing. For some reason I started rotating the camera during shooting. The resultant images were magical and captured my imagination. I experimented more and more and fell in love with the concept of moving the camera in different ways during a long exposure.