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Bending Trees

I created a image called growing towards the light. See it here using freehand movement of the camera. I wanted to revisit this concept with my new Sony A7mkii which I've now had for several months. This time, however, I wanted to use a tripod and 2 heads to give me more consistent movement. This image below is one of the results of that shoot. I had to adjust the various angles of the set up to give me the picture I wanted and this is one of the ones I really like. More thoughts on the Sony A7mkii another time.
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  1. If someone wanted to start doing work like this. What would be the learning steps. Wide angle, time of day exposure time in seconds or minutes? Thank you

    1. Hi Dennis
      Thanks for stopping by! The learning steps are really to experiment with different things to see what happens. The whole process is basically smearing the subject across the camera sensor. Some things I can suggest are to take shots in high contrast light. These trees have nothing behind them so they are great to manipulate. Complicated back grounds often make the whole thing a bit messy when you start moving the camera around. With wider lenses you can make larger movements but with longer lenses only small movements result in big results. My exposures are typically from 1 second to a few seconds but I also try things outside this. I use an ND filter to enable this length of exposure during the day. Exposures of 0.8 or so and fast movement can result in straighter lines whereas longer exposures obviously hand vibration comes into play. Mounting on a tripod is great to lock things down and you can pan during the shot like a panorama or vertically.
      As I said at the beginning I think experimentation is the key.
      I hope you have fun

  2. Thanks for the tips. Sounds like fun.


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